Mother of the Bride Dresses for Summer

We all should wear light colors during summer but traditionally, mother of the brides avoid wearing colors like white and ivory. This is usually to highlight the bride’s wedding dress. A mother of the bride dress can be in any color that you want unless it doesn’t make you look like the bride. This is one of the main reasons why you should always shy away from white and its shades when picking a dress.

Although many mothers wear a dress that is equal in length of the bride’s dress, it is not a must. As the mother of the bride, there are no restrictions on the length of the gown or dress, traditionally. This even goes for formal weddings.

So regardless of when the wedding is going to be, you should wear what you’re comfortable with. Skirts can be an option but it is only recommended if the wedding is at noon. Since every wedding is different and it doesn’t come around all the time, there are many common questions for wearing what kind of dress in summer.

There is this stigma that the mother of the bride and the bridesmaid should wear the same color but that is different for every wedding. Unless it’s a coincidence, the mother of the bride is not expected to wear the same color as the bridesmaid.

Picking the best dress for summer

Assuming everything is planned ahead about the wedding, you must know when the wedding is going to take place and how long it’s going to last for. So you can pick the right dress for that. Again, skirts are alright but if the wedding is at night time, it might look a bit off according to many fashion designers.

As long as you, as the mother of the bride not wearing the same color as the bride is wearing, you can pick any length, color, and type of dress you want. If you aren’t sure because of your body type, you can visit our other articles to guide you through what kind of dress you should pick for each body type.


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