Petite Mother of the Bride Dresses 2020

The struggle that shorter women tend to experience is much higher than the struggle the plus size women experience. If a dress is too big, you can tighten it in your local tailor but things get more complicated when you need to make the entire dress smaller for shorter women.

Petite dresses are designed to fit women that a little bit on the shorter side. If you fall somewhere between 4’11 to 5’4, you may want to shop for a petite size dress. The other way around could be very challenging and oftentimes you won’t get the results that you want because unlike pants, which has a shorter rise, the petite dresses have a shorter bodice.

If you were to shorten the bodice of a regular dress, it would take a very skilled tailor and that is an entirely painful thing to do on its own. So to save both time and your energy, petite dresses are definitely going to be the best option for many women that are shorter.

Petite Dresses for Skinny Women

In fashion, petite is a term that is used for shorter women. It has no relation to weight whatsoever. It is more about having higher armholes and proportionally sized details for shorter women. As mentioned above, petite dresses have a shorter bodice so if you’re anything above 5’6 which would be the very max for petite dresses, you may not get the perfect look you’re looking for.

Found yourself stuck at a dress while going to petite dresses but can’t figure out if the size will be right or not? Try looking for the exact same dress with different sizes. As most retailers have a set amount of different dress types and colors, the sizes are an entire category on its own so if you search for a petite dress, the same dress you see may be in other categories such as tea-length dresses, long dresses, etc.


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